Course Title: Bachelor of Science Program in Agricultural Science 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)

Description Related To The Program    

        Science and technology human resource can be the most needed branch of knowledge. Food production depends so much on the capacity of the aquaculture production potential, and the competition at the national and regional markets. Perceiving the important and prospective possibility in the achievement of the society, the faculty has created a network of cooperation with the concerned entrepreneurs in the locality and laid foundation for any activities to smoothly run. 

        With knowledge and experience our graduates received, it can be expected that they are able to continue their study at the further levels, the master’s degree and the doctorate degree, in or outside the country. They can work if they want, in any organizations or workplaces, such as in ornamental fish production and import businesses, aqua-culturing farms, officials under the Ministry of Resources and Environment, or, as self-hired workers—aquatic animals feed and medicine, etc.

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