Course Title: Bachelor of Science Program in Community Health 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Community Health)


        The faculty desires to systematically produce graduates with the integration of knowledge and skills in sciences, humanities, and public health in order that what experienced will be in line with nature of humans and needs of communities and societies as a whole. The graduates, thus, can easily and naturally and properly manage the public health service system and integrate their learning with that of the local wisdom. What’s more, the knowledge will assist them to seek better cooperation with local organizations and hence better maintain health leadership models. Expectedly, our graduates are able to work at any workplaces or organizations, state and private sectors. Such careers as public health officials at Tambon Organization Administrations/ municipalities, public health technical officials, hospital general practitioners, etc. are some common jobs that can be sought by these graduates. Also, should any want to continue their education at the higher level, they can do so, in or outside the country.        

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