Course Title: Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Technology 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Computer Technology)


It is known and expected by societies that qualified graduates of this program must be efficiently able to create and develop IT work system, multimedia technology, and have expert knowledge and skills in computer management technology, telecommunication and communication. This is aside from being persons with public mindedness and moral and ethic standards. The faculty takes very good care so that our graduates will be capable the persons as anticipated. 

Those who want to take the program must be qualified as follows:

FOR 4-YEAR PROGRAM: those wanting to take this program must have completed their higher secondary education or its equivalent majoring in Mathematics and Science or in Arts and Mathematics or completed Lower Vocational Certificate in the related field.

FOR 2-YEAR CONTINUED PROGRAM: They must have taken at least 18 credits of computer program before taking courses in the program.

On completion, graduates are able to work in such careers as computer teachers, programmers, information system designers and/ or analysts, website designers and developers, graphic designers, etc. Again, the graduates, should they want to pursue their education, are able to study at the higher levels in or outside the country.   

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