01 Mar 2021

Announcement of participation in base 3 activities in information technology monthly March 2021

With computer and information center Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology Define 3 base activities of information technology March 2021 Online courses that anyone can learn anytime, anywhere through the Thai MOOC online classroom system for free. Only for the 4th year students (Code 60) with details of the activities as follows

Conditions of participation in activities (Ask students Strictly follow)

Step 1: Students join activities Open education for lifelong learning By studying online in the Thai MOOC system in self-study The computer center defines the topics that students must pass the following courses only (1 course per activity, students can choose to study only 1 course). Learners must first apply for membership on thaimooc.org website.
SRU002 Office Information Management | Office Information Management
SRU003 English for Fundamental Nursing
SRU004 Design of Multimedia Lessons and Animation for Education | Design of Multimedia Courseware and Animation for Education

Step 2 Students must attend classes and follow lessons. Take a pre-study test / have a test score during study And a post-study test of at least 70%

Step 3 When you get an Online Certificate (Online Certificate), save the certificate file. Ready to answer online surveys At https://forms.gle/qj5sZT8cnP8pgMeo9. For the computer center to continue recording the activity base for students (Record activity data every Friday of the week)

Note: Students can join this activity from today – March 31, 2021 only, only for 4th year students (Code 60).