Public Health Sciences organized the orientation program for vocational experience students in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2019.


Today (28 November 2019) Department of Public Health Major in Community Health Organize the orientation program for professional experience students in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2019 at the Bhumiphat Conference Room. Science and Technology Building Suratthani Rajabhat University with Asst. Prof. Surin Samana, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Presided over the ceremony and Asst. Prof. Dr. Pakkawadi Rakthong is the report

Asst.Prof.Dr. Pakhawadi Rakthong Said “On behalf of the organizer of the student orientation, professional experience training We would like to thank you for your honor and to be the president at the opening ceremony for the student orientation and professional experience today.
With a Bachelor of Science Program Community Health Program Focusing on students’ academic knowledge both in theory and practice. Students have holistic public health practice skills. Can work with others in the community By applying academic principles from the theoretical studies to apply and integrate public health effectively in accordance with the actual situation Now, the professional experience process has reached the final process.
Community Health Program Faculty of Science and Technology Therefore have arranged an orientation for students to practice the professional experience Which is a part of the 4th year of the Community Health Professional Vocational Training course study of the 2nd semester, 2nd semester of the academic year 2020, with the objective of providing students with the principles, objectives, roles, duties, procedures, and issues related to experience training. Correctly and completely, and to provide students with the ability to provide service in Nursing theoretical treatment in primary infection and disease, and the capacity for environmental management on the part of municipalities to prepare students to improve their knowledge. Ability and confidence in practice before going into practice
This orientation for students to practice professional experiences. There are students attending the orientation for professional experience. Is a faculty member of the Public Health Sciences group of 15 people, 4th year students, amount 148 persons ”
ด้าน Asst.Prof.Surin Samana Said that “This event focuses on students to be informed of the principles, objectives, roles, duties, procedures and matters related to the professional experience correctly and completely and to give students the ability to provide services in Medical treatment according to basic medical theories, both infectious and aseptic diseases and environmental management capabilities In the municipal and activities in this are beneficial to all participants. I would like all participants to listen to the knowledge fully. ”