Science has organized a training project on the criteria for the presentation of work to request academic positions for personnel.


Today (25 November 2019) Faculty of Science and Technology Surat Thani Rajabhat University organized a project “Training Project on Criteria for Proposed Contributions to request for academic positions “at the Wittaya Phat conference room Faculty of Science and Technology Building, with Asst. Prof. Dr. Sana Bunboonyam, Vice President for Academic Affairs, as the opening president and Asst. Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Report

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanea Boonkumnerd Vice President for Academic Affairs said
According to the Notification of the Civil Service Commission regarding rules and procedures for the appointment of persons to be Holding an assistant professor position Associate professor And Professor B.E. 2562, the CSSC establishes the criteria and procedures for the appointment of an assistant professor. Associate professor And professors according to the new guidelines For higher education institutions to use as guidelines for issuing regulations To be consistent and appropriate with the public affairs and the teacher development policy of each higher education institution And the method of considering a person to hold that academic position Building knowledge and understanding in The above rules University operation guidelines Including problems and solutions Therefore it is necessary and a guideline for the development of image, promotion and support for the teacher to present the work. Enter the academic position correctly and with quality Today, the university is honored by the Chairman of the Academic Position Committee, Professor Dr. Chutima Satjanan, who is an expert with experience in the said subject to give knowledge. Therefore is considered a good opportunity to bring Knowledge gained to create academic works And encouraging teachers to submit work for Academic positions increase humidity

Asst. Prof. Surin Sahmana Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology said
Faculty of Science and Technology Has been approved to organize a training project on “Criteria for proposal The results of the request for the position of science “, which is scheduled for November 25, 2552 at the Faculty of Science and Technology. With the objective of arranging the following projects
First For the Master And personnel related to academic writing and Requesting for an academic position determination, knowledge, understanding of rules and regulations And rules for writing Academic results according to the CSC Announcement on Criteria and Procedures for Appointing Person to be Civil Service assistant professor Associate professor And Professor B.E. 2560 including announcement Related regulations
Second In order to encourage teachers to submit their work in an scientific way to request Increased academic positions
By organizing this project with a goal, namely the teachers of the Faculty of Science and Technology The faculty from other faculties and related support personnel are approximately 120 people and honored by Professor Dr. Chutima Satjananan, Chairman of the Academic Position Committee, as the guest speaker. In addition to receiving knowledge about academic presentations in order to determine the positions according to the new rules, It is also a way to exchange problems and obstacles in operations.