Science organizing project Improve the efficiency of agricultural product processing Banana products

On Saturday, March 16, 2018, the Faculty of Science and Technology held a workshop on the development of agricultural product processing efficiency. (Banana products) by the Department of Food Science and Technology Faculty of Science and Technology Received support from the southern provinces of the Gulf of Thailand.

Assistant Professor Surin Somjan, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Surat Thani Rajabhat University said that the university has encouraged all teachers and personnel to apply knowledge and expertise in various fields. To convey to the community by training workshops such as product processing Agricultural product development To transfer production technology To entrepreneurs Community enterprises or individuals who are interested in developing fruit products that are available in Surat Thani Province. Dr. Chalida Salihasuk, lecturer in science and food technology Surat Thani Rajabhat University revealed that this project is an integration between Learning and teaching, research and academic services so that teachers, students and local people will have the opportunity to work together in plant development. From cultivation, maintenance, extraction of important substances Making products As well as the correct use and distribution of raw materials, agricultural products And finished products More importantly, students have increased opportunities. Learning both theory And practice in science laboratories and local wisdom This is to increase the potential of graduates in every field that has interest in fruit products as well as learning that may be used as a guideline for future occupations. In the southern provinces of the Gulf of Thailand Workshop on fruit product processing “Banana Product Processing” was held on 16 March 2019 at the Food Science and Technology Building. Surat Thani Rajabhat University With a workshop Free banana making Making a baked banana in a hot air oven Making banana cake And making banana cake Asst. Prof. Dr. Sukanya Maichueangkaew, Asst. Prof. Dr. Suphapol Apirattananusorn, Dr. Chalida Sequaisuksuk, Asst. Prof. Dr. Prata Chantaro from Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Food Science and technology Become a lecturer in banana product processing training