Suratthani Rajabhat University hand in livestock Surat Thani Province Cooperate with Rabies to Celebrate Rabies


Today (4 July 62) at the Student Activity Yard Surat Thani Rajabhat University Surat Thani Province Together with His Highness Her Highness Prince Chulabhornwalailak The Royal Highness Department of Phra Sri Sotkhawat To honor the occasion of the birthday By collaborating to eliminate rabies Under the Strategic Plan for the Implementation of Disease-Free Animals for Rabies-Disease-Free Animals Project 2017 – 2020

Mr. Theeranant Sereewittaya Deputy Governor of Surat Thani Province Chairman of the project opening ceremony said that the implementation of the rabies program for the management of rabies disease in honor of Organized to allow dogs and cats to receive rabies vaccination from local administrative organizations. Covering all areas throughout the country And has been implemented continuously every year Including public relations for people with knowledge Understanding and realizing the dangers of Rabies Not allowing pets to be stray animals And can reduce the number of problems Of dogs – stray cats in public places Which related agencies can jointly create space Rabies-free And prevent people from dying from rabies again

Dr. Phongchan Khlaiudom, the official of the President of Surat Thani Rajabhat University said that Surat Thani Rajabhat University Together with Surat Thani Province Conducting a joint livestock project to treat rabies. To honor and embrace the grace Her Highness Prince Chulabhornwalailak The Royal Highness Department of Phra Sri Sotkhawattana on the day of birth And control the dog and cat population in the risk area Rabies By sterile surgery, vaccination against rabies, covering thoroughly to animals, sound groups, as well as encouraging animal owners and people to have a better understanding of Rabies and rabies-related laws can prevent rabies in pets and take care of themselves safely from the disease. Including cultivating consciousness “Responsible animals” for the people In the implementation of the project Get cooperation From the provincial livestock office Provincial Local Administration Office Provincial Public Health Office Provincial Public Relations Office And Khun Thale Subdistrict Municipality, Mueang District, Surat Thani Province

While Mr. Decha Jitphiromdeung, Surat Thani Province Revealed from the rabies situation in Surat Thani province that in the year 2018, there were 21 rabies animals found in 5 areas of rabies, Muang District, Tha Chang District. Kanchanadit Ban Na San District And Vibhavadi District And in the current year, year 2019, found 13 rabies animals in the area of ​​7 districts, namely, Mueang District, Kanchanadit District Vibhavadi District, Phunphin District, Chai Buri District, Tha Chana District, and Ban Na San, which can be seen as rabies. Is still a contagious disease between animals and important people, which must continue to create knowledge and understanding for the people.