Science organizes workshops for integrative teaching and learning work. Work – integrated Learning


Faculty of Science and Technology organized a workshop on integrated learning and work teaching (WIL: Work – integrated Learning) by Asst. Prof. Sirawat Hengchaiyo, Vice President for Student Development. Presided over the opening ceremony at Phoompat Meeting Room Faculty of Science and Technology

Asst. Prof. Surin Somnana said that “Faculty of Science and Technology would like to express our thanks to Asst. Prof. Sirawat Hengchaiyo, Vice President for Student Development. Who was honored to preside over the opening ceremony of the Integrated Learning and Training Workshop (WIL: Work-integrated Learning) program. There are the following objectives: Firstly, for the participants to have knowledge Understanding of integrated teaching and learning management concepts Finally To exchange learning about the integrated approach to teaching and learning that can be applied in further development of educational management Organizing the project today, the participants of the project are teachers of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Which was honored by Professor Saray Kraong, Director of the Center for Educational Quality Development, integrated with work As a lecturer to educate participants in the project, now has a good time. I would like to invite the President. Opening the project And provide insights that will be useful to the project participants. ”

Asst. Prof. Sirawat Hengchaiyo, Vice President for Student Development, said that “Integrated learning and work teaching (WIL: Work-integrated Learning) at this time as the Dean said the training project report. Work-oriented approach to integrative teaching and learning (WIL: Work-integrated Learning). It can be seen that integrative education with work or WIL is an experiential learning that helps students Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge. Work skills And specific skills related to the profession Get to know the real working life before graduation Helps students set future career goals more easily when they graduate. And is a cooperation that benefits In the improvement of the work of the establishment And improving the curriculum of higher education institutions as well ”