Zoology generates income for students Selling products from branches According


Animal Science Program Faculty of Science and Technology Opened a store for animal science programs (Beside the Animal Husbandry Laboratory Building) with the products obtained from the teaching and learning of students are as follows
1. There are products, such as fresh chicken eggs, fresh duck eggs, salted eggs from the veterinary operating farm. And from the farmer network
– Chicken eggs, fresh duck eggs, can be ordered daily
– Pre-ordered salted eggs for 3 days
2. Open from Monday – Friday from 09.00-15.00 hrs. (Except public holidays)
3. The branch has paper bags available. If anyone is interested in bringing a cloth bag, container or not receiving the bag Subjects, plus 1 additional egg
note There is delivery within the university. (Free shipping)
Contact Animal Science Program At telephone number 077-913-333, internal number 1266 (press # symbol followed by number 1266 after the Operator’s voice ends)