Course Title: Bachelor of Science Program in Materials Technology and Manufacturing 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Materials Technology and Manufacturing)


The country’s industrial growth needs personnel with knowledge and experience in materials technology and manufacturing, which will in turn lead to quality in  production and effective manufacturing processes, quality control standards, and development of newer products so as to efficiently step into competition in the world’s market. This program is therefore specifically initiated in response to the actual need for graduates who are to be employed in any industrial sectors, government or private sector. Some specific examples of such employments are: officials in National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), materials technologists, independent technologists/ technologists related to any industrial component parts in manufacturers, entrepreneurs who invent substitution (or man-made) materials for use in replacement of those now-rarely available in the nature or else found as waste materials. It is also expected that our graduates are comfortably able to further their study at the higher levels—master’s degree or doctorate degree, in the country or abroad.