Technology multimedia and Animation

ProgramsSpecific Qualification

    For 4-year program, he/she must graduate upper secondary level, or equivalent with science-mathematic or arts-mathematic degree, or vocational certificate in related fields.

For 4-year program (transferred), he/she must graduate diploma degree with learning computer courses not less than 18 credits.

The program offers 3 fields with the following requirements:

Computer Technology Management Filed requires a person who is interested in management, administration, information system design; and creative.

Telecommunication Field requires a person who is interested in telecommunication network technology, administration of communication device, telephone system, network system installation and maintenance.

Multimedia Field requires a person who is interested in drawing, graphic production multimedia design and production; and imaginative and creative.

Career Opportunities

    The graduates can work for public sector, state enterprises, or private organizations, such as, teachers/instructors, programmers, information system analysts and designers, website designers and developers, graphic designers, multimedia producers, network and server administrators, database administrators, computer technical officers in organizations or government sectors, or private businesses; and continue studying master and doctoral degree in the nation and abroad.