The objectives of this study were to investigate the context of mangrove forest andbasic data of smoked shrimp production in Takuapa district,Phang Nga province by the processof data collection and open ended interview. The qualities of smokedshrimpsbysmokewoodofRhizophora apiculata , Bruguiera cylindrical and Xylocarpus granatum were analyzed and compared. The study showed that in Takuap a district, Phang Nga province, there were approximately 50,296 Rai of fertile mangrove forest area with many kinds of valuable mangrove species, mostly in Genus Rhizophoraceae, So nneratiaceae and Vervenaceae. The villagers utilized mangrove wood to produce smoked shrimps. It was found that there were 18 entrepreneurs who carried on smoked – dried shrimp production. Smoked shrimps using three species of mangrove wood; Rhizophora apiculata , Bruguiera cylindrical and Xylocarpus granatum, were composed of 21.66-27.05% moistu
re, 63.30-67.02% protein, 1.37-1.47%
carbohydrate and 1.50-1.86% lipid. The highest phenolic compound content (3.59 mg per gram) was recorded in smoked shrimps using Bruguiera cylindrica wood, while the contents of 3.01 and 3.37 mg per gram were found in Xylocarpus granatum and Rhizophora apiculata ,respectively. For sensory evaluation, there were hi gh scores of color (7.93 and 7.70) for smoked shrimps using wood from Bruguiera cylindricaandXylocarpus granatum, respectively,significantly higher (P<0.05) than that fromRhizophora apiculata(4.80). Smoked shrimps byXylocarpus granatumwood received the highest scoresof 7.50, 7.23, 7.90 and 7.03 for smokeodor, texture, crispness and luster, respectively.In addition, the overall sensory acceptability ofthe smoked shrimps showed that smoked shrimp usingXylocarpus granatumwood had thehigh score between the like moderately to likevery much level (7.80), significantly higher(P<0.05) than those smoked byRhizophora apiculata(5.40) andBruguiera cylindrica(6.97). After3 months of storage, TBA values were obviously increased from 0.04-0.06 to 0.10-0.16 mgper kg. Total microorganisms were found between 1.5105and 8.0105colonies pergram; yeast and mold less than 100 colonies per gram. The values of water activity wereprone to increase. The findings suggested that smoked shrimps byXylocarpus granatumwood were the most acceptable product.