A Learning Organization and Moral leads the Community Development. 


              The Faculty  of Science  and  Technology Suratthani Rajabhat University  is  a leadership in the region for graduates, research, innovation, academic services and cultural preservation.


              Knowledge  Skills  and  Social  Responsibility


              1. Produce outstanding graduates of Science in each program with systematic thinking, moral, public mind and Thai being.

              2. Research and develop new knowledge, develop local and modern technology to suit the way of living and earning of people in a community. Including promote, manage, preserve natural resources and environment for a balance and sustainable use.

              3. Provide academic services for community by networking and collaborating with community, local organizations and others in both domestics and overseas for sustainable development through a Technology Clinic. 

              4. Promote and preserve local arts and cultural activities.

              5. Research and promote to strengthen a local community.

              6. Research, promote and carry on Royal Initiative Projects for sustainable development.