The effects of hot air drying temperatures (40-80°C) on apparent density, void fraction, shrinkage, total phenolics, total flavonoids and reducing power in germinated corn were investigated. The physical properties: apparent density, void fraction and shrinkage at moisture contents ranging from 13 to 35% dry-basis were determined using standard techniques. The result found that the apparent density and the void fraction were linear in relation to the initial moisture contents. The apparent density increased from 44 to 50 kg/m3. The void fraction decreased from 78 to 58% with increasing moisture content. The chemical property resulted in 40°c hot air convection drying enhances total phenolics and total flavonoids to 6.41% and 50.00%, respectively, when compared with the control. Higher drying temperature resulted in lower total phenolic, total flavonoid content and reducing power of germinated sweet corn compared with the control.