One problem of dried osmotic dehydrated coconut is product discoloration. To improve qualityof product, this research was to study the effect of pre-treatment conditions on the quality ofdried osmotic dehydrated coconut. Raw coconut was soaked in K2S2O5(0 and 0.1%) + CaCl2(0 and 2%) for 1 h and blanching (0 and 5 min) before soaking in sucrose solution (65 °B) for24 h, then drying at 58±1°C for 20 h. Physical (color and shear force), chemical (total solublesolid (TSS), water activity (aw), reducing sugar, total sugar and titratable acidity) and sensory(on a 9-points hedonic scale; n = 140) quality were investigated. The result revealed that pre-treatment method did not affect on TSS and reducing sugar. Blanching caused a decrease inredness(a*), yellowness(b*), shear force, and titratable acidity, but an increase in moisturecontent (MC), water activity (aw), lightness(L*)and total sugar of dried osmotic dehydratedcoconut. Sensory evaluation indicated that liking scores of all sensory attributes from blanchedcoconut samples were higher than those of unbalanced coconut samples. The study suggestedthat pre-treatment method with blanching of the raw coconut for 5 min was sufficient to producedried osmotic dehydrated coconut, which can be improve color of product and acceptable toconsumer.