The research aimed to study the effect of the use of wheat bran for laying duck diet, collected for Chiya salted eggs process along local wisdom and technology transfer to the community. The mixed method research used experimental research and the participatory action research methodology to study 30 laying duck farmers and salted egg manufacturers which raised more than 50 laying ducks in Chiya district of Suratthani province. A total 225 female crossbred Khaki Campbell ducks were sampled for experimental research. The research to identify source of knowledge by using primary data analysis, In-depth interview from key informants, focus groups and workshop title: Raising laying ducks and salted egg process. The study was using statistical treatment of the data was done by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and data was analyses by Duncan’s New Multiple Range test. According to the finding, it was found that the study was using completely randomized design with 5 levels of wheat bran (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%) in laying duck diets, Khaki Campbell ducks were randomly allotted to treatments of 15 laying ducks per pen with 3 replications per treatment. The results of study showed that there was significant difference (p<0.05) in feed cost of 12 eggs production (25.91 bath) compared with commercial feed. There was non significant difference (P>0.05) in feed conversion ratio (per 12 eggs), egg production (percent per day) ,egg weight (gram), shell thickness (millimeter) and yolk color. The results also indicated that production performance at 5% wheat bran of weight feed is the highest production performance and egg quality in 22-48 weeks of age duck. There were no mortality. According to the production Chiya Salted Eggs along local wisdom, it was found that the productive standard of Chiya Salted Eggs is yolk which should be dark red color and oily. In addition, the quantity of yolk has a higher level than albumen and should not be too salty. The researchers were collected for manuals and guides to processing Chiya salted eggs along local wisdom and the community learning farm center has been established utilization of agricultural by product are wheat bran in laying duck 22-48 weeks of age. The researchers used the community learning farm center to demonstrate salted egg process.