20-Year Strategy of Rajabhat University (2017-2036)

Rajabhat University leads the way in education as an educational institute for local development. By creating a 20-year strategy of Rajabhat University for Local Development (2017 – 2035). October 11, 2018 with the participation of all 38 Rajabhat Universities

In order to drive the Rajabhat University strategy for local development Based on knowledge Mutual understanding The meeting of the Rector of Rajabhat University (Doreen Por Phor Phor.) Therefore prepared a manual To enable the operation of Rajabhat University to meet the intention of the strategic plan based on the potential and context of each university to lead to the achievement of the strategy goals

Consists of 4 strategic issues

1. Local development
  • Creating sustainable local and social quality
  • Driving research quality Teaching And the development of local communities
  • Conserve traditions, traditions and arts and culture
3. Enhancing the quality of education
  • Education quality
  • Teacher quality
  • Graduate quality
  • Learning management For the 21st century
2. Teacher Production and Development
  • Develop the quality of production and develop teachers who meet professional standards. And have a spirit of teacher that is consistent with local needs
4. Management system development
  • Increase efficiency in managing area of responsibility Database system Sharing of resources Development of local networks And build good governance

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