Viability of seeds of Grammatophyllum speciosum was evaluated by TTC (2,3,5-Triphenyl tctrazolium chloride) test. The seeds were then asymbiotically germinated on different agar media under aseptic conditions. The results showed that keeping the seeds in the dark at 30°c for one night gave 99% of red staining embryos (referred to as viability). After being cultured the seeds on half-strength Gamborg s B5 (‘A B5) medium supplemented with 1 |iM BA (benzyladenine) for thirty days, germination of those seeds was observed. Half-strength MS medium (‘A MS) supplemented with 1 mg/L BA in combination with 0.5 mg/L alpha-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA)V15% coconut water (C\V), 0.2% activated charcoal (AC) and 0.7% agar gave the highest percentage of PLB induction and proliferation.