The purpose of this research was to study trends of learning management on mobile phones in Suratthani Rajabhat University (SRU) in the next decade (2011-2020) by using EDFR technique. The participants were 18 SRU learning management on mobile phones experts. The data was collected by employing a point-rating scale questionnaire. Median and interquartile range were adopted as data analysis techniques. The results show a consistency in opinions of experts ะ 1) Policy and support ; SRU executives aim to prepare students for the changing information technology. They also aim to establish collaboration between universities both within Thailand and overseas via the Internet. The Computer Center will act as an intermediary to connect between Internet servers. Also, the application of information technology in teaching and learning for all subject areas will be encouraged. For example, teaching and learning through e-Learning and m-Leaming with the Computer Center providing information, suggestion and online instructional media, as well as support researches in development in educational technology. 2) structure and instrument ; the University is well equipped in terms of telecommunication system and network. There is a high speed wireless network covering all areas of the university. Devices are also provided to support teaching and learning. 3) Budget ; there are funds for purchasing nil-earning teaching devices, staff training, and supporting relevant researches. 4) staff there are help and support staff for teachers of m-Learning. 5) Teaching ; teachers develop courses to suit m-Learning by restructuring teaching techniques and activities. Learners use mobile phones or laptops to create learning network between institutes through m-Learning.